Waterjet Cutting

Inflotek’s unique waterjet cutting capabilities are available to equipment manufacturers looking for a cost-effective solution to overcome the limitations of traditional waterjet technology as well as laser, punching and milling.

With Inflotek, you not only get all the advantages of traditional waterjet:

  • No heat affected zone (HAZ)
  • No distortion or warping
  • No recast layers, work hardening or thermal stress
  • Burr-free parts
  • Near net shape cutting eliminates secondary operations
  • Material thickness up to 12" / 30 cm

….you get the added advantages of Inflotek’s unique waterjet technology:

  • 80% finer kerf
  • No limitation in density of cutting operations (Inflotek can make thousands of perforations)

Learn more about how Inflotek waterjet compares to traditional waterjet or contact us to discuss your fabrication requirements