Inflotek Centrifuge Screens

Inflotek supplies aftermarket screens for pusher centrifuges,  screen-bowl decanter centrifuges and screen scroll centrifuges from a range of centrifuge OEMs, including:

Inflotek screens surpass traditionally constructed screens in almost every way:

  • The highest open area of any screen thicker than 1.5mm
  • Greater slot tolerances and more consistent performance as screen wears
  • Stronger and longer wearing than any other metal screen
  • Complete flexibility in slot design, orientation and density
  • Tapered slot with a sharp entry opening for minimal plugging and blinding

Inflotek uses a proprietary waterjet cutting technology to perforate flat sheet metal with thousands of fine, high tolerance slots. These sheets are manufactured into screen products for a wide range of centrifuges types, including: 

Inflotek strives to provide the best performing, longest lasting screen at prices competitive with traditional wedge-wire, milled, punched, pierced and laser-cut screens.

We offer screens that deliver greater deliquoring, and lower loss of retentate, while maintaining throughput and extending the time between screen change outs.

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