Bird Centrifuge Screens

Inflotek supplies screens for all Bird, Bird Humboldt and Bird Andrtiz screen bowl decanter centrifuges. These screens can be supplied in a variety of materials including hard chrome coated stainless steel, hardened tool steel and tungsten carbide.

Inflotek offers both externally mounted, "soap dish" screens for screen bowl decanter centrifuges as well as internally mounted screen elements.

Typical wedge-wire soap dish screen:

  • Poor slot accuracy
  • Slots are not stable and easily open or close up
  • Limited open area
  • Slots oriented across material flow direction
  • Weakness on short ends where wires terminate
  • Limited material and coating options

Inflotek soap dish screen:

  • Excellent slot accuracy
  • Short, stable slots that maintain slot width
  • 50%-100% greater open area
  • Slots aligned with material flow for greater wear resistance
  • Extreme abrasion resistant construction material

Better Recovery with Lower Final Moisture

Inflotek screens for screen bowl decanter centrifuges are made with a unique waterjet manufacturing approach. This fabrication method delivers more accurate and dimensionally stable slots combined with higher open area compared with traditional wedge wire or milled screens. The result is improved recovery with a dryer product and a payback measured in weeks.

Longer Lifetime and More Consistent Performance

Inflotek screens last longer than traditional screens:

  • Made in extreme wear-resistant materials like hardened tool steel, chrome carbide or even tungsten carbide.
  • Shorter, more dimensionally stable slots that resist slot distortion 
  • Slots oriented with conveying direction of solids
  • High strength, precision laser welded screen construction


Contact Inflotek to discuss your Bird centrifuge screen requirements.