Pusher Centrifuge Screens

Inflotek is an after-market supplier of screens for pusher centrifuges from Ferrum, Krauss-Maffei (KMPT, now Andritz), B&P Process (Baker Perkins), Bird (now Andritz),  Broadbent, KHD, Humboldt, Escher-Wyss, Alfa-Laval and others.

Inflotek pusher centrifuge screens are unlike any other screens on the market. Our pusher centrifuge screens are made with a proprietary waterjet cutting process that offer major benefits over traditional wedge wire centrifuge screens and milled centrifuge screens.

Save Money with Longer Lifetime

Inflotek pusher centrifuge screens are offered in a variety of extreme wear resistant materials, including:

  • Tungsten carbide
  • Chrome carbide
  • Duplex stainless steel

These materials can provide working lifetimes that are longer than wedge wire centrifuge screens and milled screens made from 300 and 400 series stainless steels, but cost around the same as screens supplied by the centrifuge OEMs. The result is the lowest total operating cost of any pusher centrifuge screen on the market today.

Wedge-wire pusher centrifuge screenHigh wear in wedge-wire
pusher centrifuge screen

Better Performance - Higher Quality

Wedge wire pusher centrifuge screens and milled pusher centrifuge screens have long slots with poor slot width consistency that only gets worse with wear. Inflotek waterjet-cut screens are made with higher original slot width tolerances and these slots are shorter and therefore more mechanically stable resulting in a better performance over the full life of the screen.

Inflotek pusher centrifuge screenInflotek pusher centrifuge screen with short slots for greater slot stability and lifetime


Contact Inflotek today to discuss your pusher centrifuge screen requirements. We supply one, two and three stage pusher screens for a wide range of centrifuges, including:

Aftermarket Screens for Ferrum pusher centrifuges

  • Screen for Ferrum P-32 pusher centrifuge
  • Screen for Ferrum P-40 pusher centrifuge
  • Screen for Ferrum P-50 pusher centrifuge
  • Screen for Ferrum P-60 pusher centrifuge
  • Screen for Ferrum P-80 pusher centrifuge
  • Screen for Ferrum P-100 pusher centrifuge
  • Screen for Ferrum P-120 pusher centrifuge

Aftermarket Screens for Kraus-Maffei pusher centrifuges

After Market Screens for Perkins / B&P pusher centrifuges 

  • Screen for Baker Perkins S-8 pusher
  • Screen for Baker Perkins S-10 pusher
  • Screen for Baker Perkins S-12 pusher
  • Screen for B&P S-32 pusher centrifuge
  • Screen for B&P S-36 pusher centrifuge
  • Screen for B&P S-200 pusher centrifuge
  • Screen for B&P S-250 pusher centrifuge
  • Screen for B&P S-350 pusher centrifuge
  • Screen for B&P S-450 pusher centrifuge
  • Screen for B&P S-600 pusher centrifuge
  • Screen for B&P S-800 pusher centrifuge
  • Screen for B&P S-900 pusher centrifuge
  • Screen for B&P S-1100 pusher centrifuge
  • Screen for B&P S-1200 pusher centrifuge