Aftermarket Screens for Screen Scroll Centrifuges

Inflotek is an after-market supplier of screens for screen scroll centrifuges from Andritz*, CMI/Elgin*, Broadbent* and others.

Inflotek screen scroll centrifuge screens are unlike any other screens on the market. Our screen scroll centrifuge screens are made with a proprietary waterjet cutting process that offer major benefits over wedge wire, laser cut, and milled centrifuge screens as well as pierced screens such as Coniperf*.

Higher Recovery AND
Lower Moisture

Inflotek's unique waterjet cutting process makes slots that are more consistent and more closely spaced together. This combination of tight slot tolerances and higher open area means that Inflotek screens improve the recovery and drying performance of screen-scroll centrifuges.

Inflotek centrifuge screens have been proven to improve product recovery by 10-20% and reduce final moisture by 5%, even in the most difficult crystalline products. This gives Inflotek screen scroll centrifuge screens a payback measured in weeks.

Longer lifetime

Inflotek screens are made from sheets of extreme abrasion resistant material rolled and welded into final shape to fit your screen scroll centrifuge. Depending on the material of construction, Inflotek screens resist erosion and failure from high-cycle fatigue up to 3 x longer compared to wedge wire and milled screens and up to 6 x longer compared to perforated screens such as Coniperf or laser-cut screens.



Contact Inflotek today to discuss how we can supply you with superior aftermarket screens for your screen-scroll centrifuges. We supply screens for a wide range of centrifuges, including:

  • Screens for CMI EBR-36 centrifuge screens
  • Screens for CMI EBR-40 centrifuge screens
  • Screens for CMI EBR-42 centrifuge screens
  • Screens for CMI HSC-42 centrifuge screens
  • Screens for CMI HSC-48 centrifuges
  • Screens for CMI EBW-36 centrifuges
  • Screens for CMI EBW-40 centrifuges
  • Screens for CMI EBW-42 centrifuges

Aftermarket Screens for Andritz Screen Scroll Centrifuges

Aftermarket Screens for Broadbent Screen Scroll Centrifuges

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