B&P Process Pusher Centrifuge Screens

Inflotek is a supplier of aftermarket screens for the full range of B&P Process (Baker Perkins) pusher centrifuges and can be made in regular stainless steels, duplex steel, tungsten carbide, chrome carbide, hastelloy and titanium.

Lower cost and faster turnaround

Inflotek centrifuges screens cost less than those supplied by the OEM and can usually be supplied with a 6 week turnaround.

Screen segmentation for better runout and wear life

B&P Process centrifuge screens are supplied as single piece drums that are inserted in the screen support cage and secured in place with a clamp ring at the discharge end. This construction can lead to gaps between the screen and the screen support cage which makes the screen to pusher disk gap difficult to maintain.

Inflotek screens are supplied as two or four segments per stage. These segments are wedged into place and sit tightly against the screen support cage. This design offers exceptional runout, easy installation and most importantly, significantly better wear life and lower operating costs.

More abrasion resistant materials for longer wear life

Inflotek can supply screens for B&P Process pusher centrifuges made from extreme abrasion resitant resistance materials that last 4-6 times longer than stainless steel screens.  These abrasion resistant materials can be used for the entire screen or just in the highest wear areas in the feed zone and stroke zone of the centrifuge.

Contact Inflotek to discuss your B&P Process pusher centrifuge screen requirements.


Baker Perkins / B&P pusher centrifuge screens 

  • Baker Perkins S-8 pusher screens
  • Baker Perkins S-10 pusher screens
  • Baker Perkins S-12 pusher screens
  • B&P S-32 pusher centrifuge screens
  • B&P S-36 pusher centrifuge screens
  • B&P S-200 pusher centrifuge screens
  • B&P S-250 pusher centrifuge screens
  • B&P S-350 pusher centrifuge screens
  • B&P S-450 pusher centrifuge screens
  • B&P S-600 pusher centrifuge screens
  • B&P S-800 pusher centrifuge screens
  • B&P S-900 pusher centrifuge screens
  • B&P S-1100 pusher centrifuge screens
  • B&P S-1200 pusher centrifuge screens