CMI / Elgin Centrifuge Screens

Inflotek is a supplier of aftermarket screens for the complete range of CMI screen scroll and vibratory centrifuges.

Alternative to Wedge-Wire Screens

Inflotek waterjet screens outperform wedge-wire screens used in CMI screen scroll and vibratory centrifuges. These advantages include:

  • Significantly longer lifetimes using harder screen materials
  • Better separation and recovery from higher tolerance slot openings
  • Higher throughputs due to significantly higher open-area

Contact Inflotek to discuss your CMI / Elgin centrifuge screen needs.


CMI / Elgin Screen Scroll Centrifuge Screens

  • CMI EBR-36 centrifuge screens
  • CMI EBR-40 centrifuge screens
  • CMI EBR-42 centrifuge screens
  • CMI HSC-42 centrifuge screens
  • CMI HSC-48 centrifuge screens
  • CMI EBW-36 centrifuge screens
  • CMI EBW-40 centrifuge screens
  • CMI EBW-42 centrifuge screens