After Market Centrifuge Screens for Ferrum Centrifuges

Inflotek is a supplier of aftermarket screens for the full range of Ferrum two and three stage pusher centrifuges and can be made in regular stainless steels, duplex steel, tungsten carbide, chrome carbide, hastelloy and titanium.

Lower cost and faster turnaround

Inflotek centrifuges screens cost less than those supplied by the OEM and can usually be supplied with a 6 week turnaround.

Fewer screen segments for better runout and wear life

OEM screens for Ferrum centrifuges are supplied as small tiles because of limitations in the production process of milled centrifuge screen. A typical Ferrum two stage pusher will required over 40 of these tiles. Not only does this make installation cumbersome, it often also leads to uneven placement segments, resulting in variation in the gap between screen and pusher disk and accelerated wear.

Inflotek screens are supplied as two or four segments per stage and offer exceptional runout, easy installation and better wear life.

Abrasion resistant materials for longer wear life

Inflotek can supply after-market screens for Ferrum pusher centrifuges made from more extreme abrasion resitant materials than duplex.  These abrasion resistant materials can be used for the entire screen or just in the highest wear areas in the feed zone and stroke zone of the centrifuge.

Contact Inflotek to discuss your aftermarket screen requirements for Ferrum pusher centrifuges.


After market screens for Ferrum centrifuges

  • Ferrum P-32 pusher centrifuge screens
  • Ferrum P-40 pusher centrifuge screens
  • Ferrum P-50 pusher centrifuge screens
  • Ferrum P-60 pusher centrifuge screens
  • Ferrum P-80 pusher centrifuge screens
  • Ferrum P-100 pusher centrifuge screens
  • Ferrum P-120 pusher centrifuge screens


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