Inflotek vs. Pierced Screens


Inflotek produces a range of industrial process screens using its proprietary waterjet technology.

What makes Inflotek Screen the superior choice for industrial process applications?


Pierced screens such as Coniperf* are limited in the ratio of hole dimension to screen thickness, with the majority of screen options only available in sheet materials less than 1-2 mm (0.04”-0.08") thick depending on hole size. Inflotek Screens can offer the same air permeability and hydraulic capacity as pierced screens, but in sheet materials of up to 6mm (0.25”).

And, unlike piercing where sheet material is cracked and torn to form the perforation, Inflotek Screens are stronger because material is removed without stressing the surrounding material. This makes Inflotek Screens less susceptible to cracking and therefore the ideal solution for high wear and high load applications that require small holes.


Higher open-area

Inflotek screens can provide offer 5-10x the open area of  Coniperf and other pierced screens with holes of 0.5 mm (0.02") and smaller.


More cost-effective

Unlike expensive pierced screens that require dedicated tooling for each combination of slot design, slot layout and open area, Inflotek Screens are all produced on the same waterjet equipment with the only difference being in programing. This makes Inflotek lower cost and more flexible for a range of pierced screen applications, including:



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