Inflotek vs. Wedge Wire Screens

Inflotek produces a range of industrial process screens using its proprietary waterjet technology.

What makes Inflotek Screen the superior choice for industrial process applications?


  • Unlike wedge wire screens that are constructed by welding thin wires together, Inflotek screens start with solid sheets of steel and remove the least material necessary.

  • Innovative interlocking slot patterns yield higher open areas with greater structural integrity.
  • Inflotek screens can be made from harder materials than wedge wire, which is restricted to metals that can be soft-annealed and extruded. This is critical in high-wear applications like potash screens and other mining applications.
  • Inflotek screens can be coated with a range of extreme-wear surface treatments that cannot be applied to wedge wire screens.

Higher Open Area

Inflotek Screens offer significantly higher open areas than wedge wire screens for every slot size between 0.15 mm to 0.5 mm (0.006” to 0.02”).  Factor in the greater screen strength of Inflotek Screens and the open area advantage is even greater.


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Better Slot Tolerances Over the Life of the Screen

The distances between wedge wire bars can be highly variable, particularly in applications requiring slot widths less than 0.5 mm (0.02”) and in lower price screens. This variability is compounded with use as large particles force their way through bars that are consequently widened and that create narrowing in adjacent bars.

Inflotek screen slot tolerances are measured in microns and stay that way over the life of the screen. The result is better filtering efficiency with more consistent performance over time.

More Design Options

With Inflotek you’re no longer limited to the same straight slots all oriented in the same direction. Our waterjet technology is a CNC process, so if you can draw it in 2D, we can supply it:

  • Any slot design – straight lines, curves, squares, circles, etc.

  • Any slot orientation – slots can be laid out with a consistent orientation to the cake movement, no matter what shape your screen is.

  • Any slot distribution –screens can have varying open areas along different sections