Inflotek vs. Punched Screens

Inflotek produces a range of industrial process screens using a proprietary waterjet technology developed in house.

What makes Inflotek Screen the superior choice for industrial process applications?

Greater aspect ratio

Punched screens are limited to hole diameters no less than the thickness of the plate material. Inflotek Screens are not restricted by this 1:1 hole diameter to thickness ratio. This makes Inflotek Screens the ideal solution for high wear and high load applications that require small holes.

With Inflotek Screens you get the benefit of the high open areas that punched screens offer, matched with the strength and resilience that only Inflotek can provide.

Lower cost for short runs

Waterjet cut screens have a lower cost-per-piece for short runs than a die press, because of the expense of creating the dies and punches. Creating the drawing for a part on a waterjet machine is all that's needed to begin.